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Supported Game Version 1.5.62
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Harbor Launcher

You can download our launcher here - this will install Skyrim Together to your installed version of Skyrim. 

Before logging in you will need to have created an Account and linked it to your patreon.
Currently we only support Special Edition as Oldr...

Website is now online!
Welcome to the new website for Skyrim Together!

On this website you'll be able to claim your account name and befriend your friends. In the meantime, stay tuned for the latest updates about Skyrim Together while we try to finish and ready up the launcher and mod files.

To claim an account name, register on the top of the websi...
Join the community spotlight!

We're eager to see your creations with or for Skyrim Together!

Send us anything like screenshots, videos, montages or anything else you are proud of creating and we'll display the best ones on the launcher. To submit creations, post them onto our Discord channel in the #fan-creations channel, post it on the subreddit or tag it along o...

On our discord server we use a custom build bot named Courier, Courier helps us moderate the channels and allows us to quickly reply on question using a library of commands.

More information on Courier can be found on

We're a team of game fanatics, with love on the side for coding and development. Aside from the multiplayer mod for TESV: Skyrim, We will also launch products for other platforms in the future. Keep an eye out on our media channels to keep up to date on news and updates!