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  3. Hello I just buy Skyrim SE on steam and install with harbor and just see this problem "This version is not supported" btw I have some mods on my folder.
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  5. i am having the same issue, im assuming it means we need to roll back to an older release but I have no idea which
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  7. i used a downgrader available on NexusMods and it seems to works for me
  8. Hello folks, i want to start a new game with few friends using Skyrim together With Skyrim SE but one of them had some issues. He did a fresh and clean install for Skyrim SE without any DLC and update then downloaded Skyrim Together our first issue was " Version Doesn't Match" we fixed it with "BestOfBothWorldsPatcher.exe" instead of the heavy downgrader available on NexusMod and it seems to works fine we managed to proceed downgrade Skyrim SE and patch Habor launcher. the 2nd issue, when he's trying to create a new save by running the game with Harbor and right after the first cutscene he can't use any binds with his keyboard anymore even with a controller it doesn't seems to work. We tried : delete everything and made another fresh/clean install = Done check if our files match except saves = Ok Firewall Harbor allowed= Ok Windows Defender blocking anything = doesn't seems to block anything related to Skyrim SE I did the same install as he did but my game works using Harbor launcher. He's playing on a Cloud Computer and his Skyrim Classic and Skyrim SE without Harbor works fine i don't know if that can be revelante. We think that maybe the light downgrader may be the troublemaker. Thanks for you time ❤️
  9. Is there a way to host a skyrim together server on a linux server?
  10. try not to play it anymore instead if you have opened it for under 2 hours just get a refund on steam search up how to do it and they should get your money back within 7 days BUY SPECIAL EDITION instead of the anniversary edition but make sure you have Skyrim deleted COMPLETELY because part of it will probably still be there.
  11. Not yet I believe, I think they are working on "Skyrim Together Reborn" which will be updated so the anniversary update does not break it or smth. So no.
  12. So, when i launch skyrim it works. I got the menu and everything but when i click on load and i load my save it crashes , to avoid that i need to run skyrim as administrator but when i use harbor it doesn't launch skyrim as administrator so it crashes how fix that ? Thanks for your help. -Syrox
  13. same issue. can you get the older version again and maybe disable updates on steam ?
  14. So just got the new AE. Im pretty sure its installed lol. i never had to wait for the download it was instant. but anyway. both with and without mods on the game won't play when i hit the play game button on vortex. and when i play just the game without vortex. I get the black screen or just your file has been corrupted. When i start a new game on just skyrim no vortex. it appears a variety of my mods are still in effect. but as soon as my character gets off the carriage with the other inmates... it crashes. scratch that update: i got it to load. but now i can't load the save. only worked that one time while doing the beginning. i get the black screen. hear stuff in the background even. Now im trying to revert back to se for now using the method on youtube. I know no one might not have an answer. just putting it out there of whats happening. And im too new to everything to know what to even try. Havnt messed with computers for quite some time. at least 10-15 years
  15. I am also having this problem.
  16. I am also having this problem
  17. Although if you have already updated then you can Downgrade Skyrim SE using this tool Made by the Wabbajack Team. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/57618 Edit: There is a version of the patcher that Only downgrades the EXE and DLL Files allowing you to keep the new AE Content.
  18. The Harbor Version Will not be updated to work with Aniversary Edition. (It is discontinued and has not been updated in over 2 years) Skyrim togeather Reborn (Not yet released) will work with Anniversary Edition.
  19. Hmm... So i have a question, can i play Skyrim Together with Anniversary DLC ? I hope there is no problem with it because it is actually SE with mods... Thanks
  20. I made the mistake of installing the Anniversary DLC and now Harbor tells me: Any news on when this might be rectified? Also, I did uninstall the whole game, unchecked the "install DLC" box in Steam, but it seems the installation does not take that into account. In other words, I couldn't make the Skyrim Special Edition go back from the Anniversary DLC.
  21. I do not have the anniversary edition, but with the release of it dropping, I wonder if it has mucked up something with the game. I was playing literally yesterday, and it was fine. Then I wake up today and boom, same issue.
  22. ninjo


    beef fajitas yumy um
  23. You've work at this for years and didn't even boather to make a customable key for the most important thing in this hole thing ?!?! Cuz 3 of my friends none of them has pc and none of they'r laptops dosn't have the RCtrl button and that fucking auto hokey dosn't apply in game. You don't own nobody anything but at least you could've took the pain from some por people.
  24. I recently started playing the wonderful mod if can even call it that anymore works far better than poor Nvmp. But I hope anniversary edition won't destroy this masterpiece that you have created I'll be keeping updated on dev updates as I can. I really hope you make this even better after 9 years.
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