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  3. Hello people seeing, I was just wondering if the developers have any thought of bringing this over to Xbox One. Me and my friends have been tracking the progress of this mod, and we were wondering if it will be brought to our platform
  4. shwapo

    Missing chat box

    Hello; I got Harbor running, I get in game, press RCtrl, network info displays at top left, and nightly watermark is displayed top right. However there is no chat box in the bottom left nor screen in the middle for server connection. I've scoured and tried every fix i could find. I've; - Done a fresh install of Skyrim SE / Harbor - Allowed through firewall per guides instructions - Not running any mods - Deleted the "online" folder as well as snapshot.bin files - Installed the lib crypto fix - Removed all reshade/enb files Any ideas? I'm at a loss. I've tried all of these these fixes multiple times. The chat box simply isnt there, despite the rest of the mod seemingly working fine. Please help :( Thank you.
  5. Last week
  6. Hi guys, its my first time using SkyrimTogether, does it always update whenever I run Harbor? 5mb download
  7. Hey thanks. I think I have scene it on here but when it comes to computer files and downloading a bunch of stuff I just "wanna hear it from the horse's mouth". And I wanted to know the solution for my situation/set up. I've seen people do different things and wasn't 100% sure what I did and didn't need to do. I just got it all done and now I am the proud owner of my private Skyrim World. Thanks!
  8. Download it from here and place it in the server folder next to the server.exe. There are other threads here with the solution and it is also posted on the Skyrim Together Discord but I will leave this up for visibility.
  9. I have downloaded the mod and I have hamachi and everything I would need for a private server. However, when I go to launch my server I get an error saying must install libcrypto. Now I have done some snooping around online and I just wanted a conformation if this is what I would need to actually run my own server and a good source to download it from.
  10. Earlier
  11. To start a Skyrim Together server, run server.exe which is found in the server folder of the game's directory and make sure it's allowed in your firewall. If other players will be connecting to you over the Internet then you need to port forward 10578 UDP. To have your server appear in the public server list, you will need to make sure it's port forwarded and give it a name argument. The server can also be copied to and ran on any machine you wish to host the server on and does not need the game installed or running to work. Watch the Getting Started video and check the Guide for additional information.
  12. hello, I am looking to create a server how did you do?
  13. can i play with my friend if I downloaded the game from his steam account?
  14. You need Skyrim Special Edition to play. Support for Oldrim (Skyrim 2011 / Legendary Edition) has been dropped because it was unstable, outdated and tedious to work with because of the 32 bit limitations. It also consumes much more time to work on, debug crashes and reverse engineer 2 versions of the game so Skyrim SE is the only supported version. Even if you get Oldrim to install in the latest version from Harbor, the game crashes before you can get to other players so it is not worth trying. If you are getting the same issue with Skyrim Special Edition, check that Harbor is allowed in your firewall and antivirus and wait some time for the download to start. If you still have issues, try installing the latest version of the mod manually from Google Drive. Skyrim Special Edition on Steam Check for deals on Skyrim Special Edition
  15. The Patreon link is: https://www.patreon.com/tiltedphoques You do not need to be a patron to play. Check the Getting Started video here and make sure to read the FAQ.
  16. Nevermind. Quarantine is messing with my head apparently, I figured it out. Please forgive my momentary lapse in logic. Thank you, ~Gena
  17. Hi =D Quite embarracing, but I apparently, I need to link my patreon to Skyrim Together. The Instructions from Patreon said that I should see a button on the right hand side of this site to link my Patreon Account. But, I don't see one. I tried both Chrome and Edge. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, in advance ~Gena
  18. I'm using the simple Skyrim version, when I press install it says updating and it's stuck on Downloading 0B @ 0 B/s in 1 second. what might be the problem?
  19. This will work in Reborn when Reborn is ready in the future but isn't working in the nightly build from Harbor.
  20. When i try to give enchanted armor to my friend using a barrel, the enchantment disappears, unfortunetly.
  21. Acid

    Can't start server

    after starting the server, it gave an error about the absence of libcrypto, after installing libcrypto, it started giving error 0xc0150002 Sorry for my bad english
  22. You don't. That function doesn't exist anymore and has been remove nearly 2 years ago.
  23. You don't. That function doesn't exist anymore and has been remove nearly 2 years ago.
  24. Dragonisser


    Wrong subforum https://skyrim-together.com/forums/forum/7-bug-reports/
  25. You need to adjust the tp_loader.conf
  26. Ok, I found the solution on Discord under he pinned messages on #questions posted by yamashi. "If you are missing libcrypto-1_1-x64.dll for the server, download this where server.exe: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/247838017002143746/775133629163634708/libcrypto-1_1-x64.dll" If you are missing libcrypto-1_1-x64.dll for the server, download this where server.exe is(edited) libcrypto-1_1-x64.dll 2.57 MB Jump libcrypto-1_1-x64.dll
  27. I'm having the same issue. Did a clean install without antivirus and same error.
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