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  4. Hello, I would like to ask about quests. How much quests am i able to complete with friend. In 2 co-op. 4-5 months ago it were half a quests, so i want to know if some changes were made. Thanks for early respond.
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  6. Yeah honestly me and my friend just joined the same public server and met up. I'm not sure about a friends system, but if you want to make a private server, I found this video the most helpful. https://youtu.be/OeYAd83b23I
  7. Start harbor app. Press play after 15 to 20 seconds. Skyrim loads. Continue save. Press right ctrl. Try to connect but errors out. Worked fine yesterday but not today.
  8. I found a link on how. Maybe this will help.
  9. Yeah am kinda wondering the same thing....
  10. i have the same bug and disabeling my anti virus dont help, pls help
  11. Hey, i wanna play Skyrim Together with friends, but I dont know, how to add them. Can you help pls?
  12. My harbor is stuck at 0B out of 0B, 1 sec remaining.. any ideas why this could be?
  13. hello, how can i join a friend? i am new to the site... thanks!
  14. https://wiki.tiltedphoques.com/tilted-online/ ...
  15. Whenever I and a friend of mine try to play SSE Together on the server I hosted, after a while, my friend's game freezes and makes her PC freeze as well. Last time a few seconds after, the freezing led to a windows blue screen error. We are connected to same network but my game never freezes. This situation really spoils the mood :( We also use several mods but both of us got the same mods.
  16. Well if you don't know how to port forward you can use Hamachi (wich is like connecting to LAN), but it is not necessary. A simple comparison is with minecraft, where you can join a LAN game with Hamachi but if you want to connect to your friends game as a server he need to port forward. Hope it will help ^^
  17. So I've been trying to make a server for me and my friends and every time I try to start it It keeps saying. Does anyone know how to fix it?
  18. So a friend of mine is telling me in order to join them ingame I have to join with Hamachi first. Is this a requirment as I cant find anything about needing it anywhere?
  19. If you can't afford steams version, go to cdkeysand get it. (Edit) Look for the Special Edition PC version. when you buy it will send you a retrieval email. You then activate it on Steam. WARNING: It is a third party seller, so use your own judgement, I use them all the time with no issues, but your experience could be different. if you do buy a code off of them, be aware that codes are based on region.
  20. Hello! I got super excited about reading about this mod. I was wondering if anybody has a guide for a total newbie to set up a server to play skyrim together woth my brother at home, we are in the same house btw(I red online it makes it easier if you are on the same line). I was looking for a way to do it without using Hamachi or similar websites. Also is there somewhere a list of mods that are supported? Sorry if this might have been asked before, if it is after my search I couldn't find it. But please point it out to me if there is anything! Thanks!
  21. thanks i just had to wait for some time in the updating part and it got fixed so thanks for that 😄
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