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  5. Go on this website (https://fr.dll-files.com/libcrypto-1_1-x64.dll.html) and try with many version of this dll
  6. If you have download the lastest version of the libcrypto it's doesn't work, try to download a oldest version (i've the 1.1.7)
  7. Hi, You have a little loupe next to *game not found*, click here and find your installation folder of SkyrimSE.
  8. Hi, try to stop your anti-virus, launch harbor, do update and launch again. Your anti-virus delete one ore many file during installation, i don't know why \¡/
  9. idk know how do to add?
  10. I tried installing Live Another Life and my game crashed, does this happen for anyone else?
  11. ive restarted my pc. ive uninstalled and reinstalled both harbor and skyrim SE but it just fails to play. what do?
  12. the wait could be finally over!!!!! splitscreen skyrim!!! any advice would help
  13. Earlier
  14. I've downloaded Skyrim SE, as well as Skyrim Together through harbor. When I open up harbor, it shows *game not found* so i am unable to load any skyrim through this.
  15. Thanks so much to everyone who is making this possible. I was so sad when this mod was forcibly 'shut down' a few years back. I'll be donating to this cause for sure.
  16. I have a Mac and can’t press right Ctrl to join friends and I need help, what to do?
  17. https://skyrim-together.com/forums/topic/60-server-creation-libcrypto/
  18. The error is: The code execution cannot proceed because libcrupto-1_1 X64.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem. I already reinstalled and got the same error, about to do so again. Any Ideas?
  19. ended up redownloading everything and manually having to enter the files then restart the pc to get it all to work
  20. i have redownloaded both harbor and Skyrim SE turned off anitvirus and when i go to update It is staying at "Downloading 0 B @ 0 B/s" any fixes? ive tryed reinstalling everything multiple times now
  21. I haven't been able to find a "friends" icon/button/thingy anywhere. any other ideas?
  22. Well I read this on reditt, go and give it a try Do Once:... Download the mod [this will change soon as closed beta becomes open] have an login with https://oreo.skyrim-together.com/ [this url may change] still in skyrim-together.com, link your patreon [this may change after closed beta] Still in skyrim-together.com, click on FRIENDS, and add your friend. they must accept on their side. install HARBOUR. Run, and login with the details you used at skyrim-together.com To Launch the game:... 5. ensure STEAM is running. 6. Launch Harbour, and click PLAY. 7. When the game loads you will see the lovely ST dual dragonborn logo. Start a new game, or continue a saved game. 8. IN GAME press the Right-Ctrl key. This displays the ST Mod interface. 9. Click on FRIENDS. Next to their name click on INVITE. Your friend will need to accept this invite by again pressing r-ctrl, friends, and then on ACCEPT. If unlike me, you have more than one friend, you may continue doing this for your other friends. 9. The player who sent the invites will have, at the top left of the screen, a list of team members who accepted the invite, and a button marked: LAUNCH PARTY. Other players will not see this button. The "Auto Hide" tick box in this location simply hides the interface when it thinks you no longer need it, it's not a part of the game. And that's it. Now you giggle and make real those dreams from years ago: wouldn't it be great if we could play together? Thank you to all of the ST Mod team who have worked tirelessly on this. There is ANOTHER post on issues and fixes, please go there to view fixes instead of replying here, this will keep them all in one place.
  23. how to invite friends in skyrim together?
  24. If you mean Steam family share, yes it will work.
  25. Di you use the libcrypto from our discord?
  26. Your anti-virus removes the files, make an exception for it.
  27. There is no Skyrim from the other Store. Skyrim only exists on Steam and only the Steam version works and is supported.
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