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Problems with AE

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So just got the new AE. Im pretty sure its installed lol. i never had to wait for the download it was instant. but anyway. both with and without mods on the game won't play when i hit the play game button on vortex. and when i play just the game without vortex. I get the black screen or just your file has been corrupted. When i start a new game on just skyrim no vortex. it appears a variety of my  mods are still in effect. but as soon as my character gets off the carriage with the other inmates... it crashes. scratch that   update: i got it to load. but now i can't load the save. only worked that one time while doing the beginning. i get the black screen. hear stuff in the background even. Now im trying to revert back to se for now using the method on youtube.  I know no one might not have an answer. just putting it out there of whats happening. And im too new to everything to know what to even try. Havnt messed with computers for quite some time. at least 10-15 years

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try not to play it anymore instead if you have opened it for under 2 hours just get a refund on steam search up how to do it and they should get your money back within 7 days BUY SPECIAL EDITION instead of the anniversary edition but make sure you have Skyrim deleted COMPLETELY because part of it will probably still be there.

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