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Skyrim Together will work well with mods created with the Creation Kit (such as Beyond Skyrim: Bruma). Certain mods created with SKSE may have trouble with synchronization as it may contain functionality that is unknown to the vanilla game itself, which we are unable to synchronize across players. Graphical mods are client sided and mostly work. The majority of ENB’s functions successfully, and cause no issues at all, however some can be problematic, and programs like ReShade especially, have shown to be particularly problematic, in relation to the mod’s UI. If a player has a mod that another player doesn't, then the mod content won't show up on the player's screen. (e.g. If Player 1 is wearing armor from an armor mod and Player 2 doesn't have said mod, then Player 2 will see Player 1 naked on his screen). This is to prevent crashes from happening. (I copied most of this from the FAQ)

There will likely be an official list of compatible and tested mods after the release of Skyrim Together Reborn, which is a completely rewritten and refactored codebase for better stability and more complete features. It also includes the new server-sided scripting module which may open doors for compatibility with the more complex SKSE mods. It will be up to modders to utilize this however. ST Reborn is still a work in progress so no ETA on when it will be ready.


Right now it is mainly up to you to test mods yourself but here are a few mods that many players are using with little to no issues with the current build from Harbor (reported working on Discord):

SkyUI - Popular UI mod

SkyrimTogether Plus - Unofficial mod to disable friendly fire and find each other more easily. Bugs caused: Enemy spells and dragon breaths do not inflict damage while friendly fire in mod settings is checked.

Skyrim Souls RE Updated - Disables pausing in menus; may help prevent desynchronizaton

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch - Fixes many bugs with the vanilla game; seems to work fine with ST


You should avoid mods like Open Cities and other mods that change cell names as they can prevent you from seeing other players. Custom race mods may not work or sync and also customizations with the RaceMenu mod won't sync.

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On 1/13/2021 at 1:42 AM, Sandybro9001 said:

I tried installing Live Another Life and my game crashed, does this happen for anyone else?

Alternate Start works 100% perfectly fine, been using it for countless hundred hours. Best to clean your whole Skyrim and start fresh.

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