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Reborn v0.1 - 05.08.2020


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Hey guys

We have been actively working on the mod for the past weeks and want to give you an update!

Remember that we are not working on the version that Harbor installs so this update will not apply to those of you using Harbor at the moment. We will push Reborn on Harbor once we feel it is far superior to the current release.

- Equipment and inventory are fully functional including enchantments.
- Animations are synced correctly after one transition (meaning when you join the server some NPCs might be sliding but once they change to another animation they will animate correctly), this includes animations variations like running sideways, speed etc.
- Dragons now sync correctly, position, rotation, animation, appearance!
- CEF is ready to use, we have uploaded the UI on the github, it's in html/css/typescript for the web devs out there who wish to take a look.
- Continuous Integration, meaning every time we push something on git, the code gets built automatically and you can grab the latest version directly without having to build from source yourself. For example see this build.
- Fallout 4 is at the same state except for animations that need a bit more polishing.
- Discord integration with overlay support!

Regarding what we are working on :

- Time and weather sync, controlled by server scripts.
- Papyrus integration to give scripting capabilities for online features similar to what FiveM does for example.
- Spell and shouts will soon actually cast and not just play an animation.

You can help by either trying to take on issues on github or you can fund them using issuehunt to motivate someone else to give it a shot.


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