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    Hey guys We have been actively working on the mod for the past weeks and want to give you an update! Remember that we are not working on the version that Harbor installs so this update will not apply to those of you using Harbor at the moment. We will push Reborn on Harbor once we feel it is far superior to the current release. - Equipment and inventory are fully functional including enchantments. - Animations are synced correctly after one transition (meaning when you join the server some NPCs might be sliding but once they change to another animation they will animate correctly), this includes animations variations like running sideways, speed etc. - Dragons now sync correctly, position, rotation, animation, appearance! - CEF is ready to use, we have uploaded the UI on the github, it's in html/css/typescript for the web devs out there who wish to take a look. - Continuous Integration, meaning every time we push something on git, the code gets built automatically and you can grab the latest version directly without having to build from source yourself. For example see this build. - Fallout 4 is at the same state except for animations that need a bit more polishing. - Discord integration with overlay support! Regarding what we are working on : - Time and weather sync, controlled by server scripts. - Papyrus integration to give scripting capabilities for online features similar to what FiveM does for example. - Spell and shouts will soon actually cast and not just play an animation. You can help by either trying to take on issues on github or you can fund them using issuehunt to motivate someone else to give it a shot. Cheers, Max
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    Hey guys, As we are progressing towards reborn we decided to make a website as well to support the upcoming services. Currently the website is pretty basic, and we are looking for feedback and bug reports. Please post here if you have feedback. We also don't really know how we are going to handle having two games to support with one website, ideas are welcome ! Cheers, Max
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    Official Skyrim Together F.A.Q. Last update: 29th of June 2020 Summary With the Skyrim Together mod in a phase of Nightly Builds, not everything in the previous FAQ was up-to-date. To reduce questions being asked repeatedly, we’ve finally updated the FAQ. Even though we really appreciate your enthusiasm for this mod, we strongly encourage you to please read this before you post. It saves us some time answering those questions and allows more time to focus on development. Thank you for your cooperation in advance! 🙂 How to get started with the setup of the Nightly Builds, can be found in this guide here. Do you have a question? Try to search using CTRL+F with your keyword and see if it is in here below! If your question still isn't answered, feel free to head over to our Discord! Or create a post on our subreddit. What is Skyrim Together? Skyrim Together is a passion project, created through the work of a small team of volunteers. The aim of the mod is to develop a "true" Skyrim multiplayer experience that intends to bring online multiplayer into this otherwise strictly single player game. Our focus is to create a co-op like experience for about 2-8 players, not an MMO. Our ultimate goal is to create a bug-free experience, where Skyrim can be played start to end without any major alterations to the vanilla experience, however other mods can be used in conjunction, as well. We don’t have a roadmap for Skyrim Together, neither do we set estimations, we try to work on this mod whenever we have time, however unfortunately other factors in life take priority. Release date Currently Skyrim Together is in the Nightly Builds phase, this means that the mod can be played right now by everyone for FREE, however the build (version) that you can play is mostly untested and potentially highly unstable. How to get started with the Nightly Builds can be found in this guide here. Download link for the Nightly Version here. Unfortunately, Skyrim Together hasn't been fully released yet, however, we are trying to release it as soon as possible. We currently have no estimation on when we will release, but we try to work on it every day. Unlike the past, we are no longer creating roadmaps or setting estimations on when features will be implemented and releases will be, as we were always interrupted by IRL stuff, causing us to miss our self imposed deadlines. Platforms and versions Skyrim Together will only be released for Skyrim Special Edition on PC. This will be completely free. All of our development and tests are done using SSE. Support for Oldrim has been dropped due to difficulties in development and stability of the game itself. Skyrim Together does not support pirated copies of the game. It doesn't matter whether or not you have the DLCs for Skyrim. All that matters is that you're on the latest steam version of the game. DLC Acts like mods and should work similar. We unfortunately cannot make this mod available for consoles, unless we are given access to the source code. It’s very unlikely this ever happens. VR compatibility Right now we do not support Skyrim VR. We will be having a look into it eventually, but no promises that we will actually get it working. We will have to solve new challenges such as player movement synchronization and acquiring testing equipment to actually start developing. If we manage to get this working, we will definitely be looking into cross-play between SkyrimSE and Skyrim VR. We doubt we can get any 3D movement however, as the character you're playing as, also doesn't do this in-game (as you only see your weapons/hands). Mod support Skyrim Together will work well with mods created with the Creation Kit (such as Beyond Skyrim: Bruma), and we expect that the Skyblivion mod will work just as well as Beyond Skyrim: Bruma. Mods created with SKSE may have trouble with synchronization as it may contain functionality that is unknown to the vanilla game itself, which we are unable to synchronize across players. Graphical mods are client sided and mostly work. The majority of ENB’s functions successfully, and cause no issues at all, however some can be problematic, and programs like ReShade especially, have shown to be particularly problematic, in relation to the mod’s UI. To avoid issues with mods, we synchronize load orders for you. If a player has a mod that another player doesn't, then the mod content won't show up on the player's screen. (e.g. If Player 1 is wearing armor from an armor mod and Player 2 doesn't have said mod, then Player 2 will see Player 1 naked on his screen). This is to prevent crashes from happening. We plan on making an API post-initial release which will allow SKSE mod creators to synchronize their variables, functions and events. This will allow those mod creators to make their mod compatible with Skyrim Together. If a mod is created with the Creation Kit, then the chances are high for it to work with Skyrim Together, but if it's created with SKSE, then it depends on whether or not it is using native functionality or not. This all depends on a mod to mod basis. For more explanation, please check out our video explaining how other mods work with ours. Servers and LAN play Currently in the nightly builds, all servers are hosted by the community. Anyone can host a server and the server host can change a few settings to their liking. Even LAN play is possible (including services like hamachi). How to get started with the setup of a Nightly Builds server can be found in this guide here. We even have videos to assist in setting up a server and forwarding the appropriate ports. We do not have a server limit, so you will be able to play at any time. Every server will technically support up to 64 players at a time. Although, we recommend playing with smaller parties of 2-8 people as that is what we have primarily tested it on. Patreon While not being mandatory, we have a Patreon page where you can support our mod. All of the backing will go to things stated on there (hosting, hackathons, hardware). There are small rewards on the table as a thank you. We also thank you very much for even considering this. Link to our Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/SkyrimTogether Gameplay and general Characters Before you are able to connect or create a session, you will first have to complete the character creation and play through the “Helgen Escape,” aka the “Unbound” quest. Mods like Alternate Start work like as you would expect; you can finish up your character and are allowed to connect. You will be able to see other players in that cell if they also decide to connect in that area. Appearance You will be able to see a players’ race, gender, apparel and weapons. We advise against SKSE character overhauls as we cannot synchronize those; use at your own risk. Movement interpolation will take place to make movement and animations look as smooth as possible. Custom races may work if you both have the mod, depending on the implementation of said mod. Intense character editing such as vertex editing will not be synchronized, as that is functionality around the base game we cannot fetch using vanilla functionality. This might be possible in the future if the mod creators decide to implement our future API. Containers The goal, in regards to container sync, is to have them entirely synchronized. Chests, inventories, traders and more, will all display the same items, which automatically updates whenever an item is stored, taken, bought, etc. Only static containers are synced currently, bodies and NPC inventories aren’t synced as of now. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to get “custom/enchanted” items to sync up yet, this is however planned for a future update. Player versus player (PVP) PVP will be fully supported and will not be toggleable. As players are treated as NPCs, they can be fought as you normally would. This also means that you won't be able to fast travel if the AI hates you. Every remote player is marked as “essential” until death. This means that kill moves will not be played and that the Wabbajack will only cast damaging spells. Player versus environment (PVE) LevelledNPCs or LevelledCharacters are currently duplicated to prevent crashes. LeveledNPCs are NPCs that spawn based on what level the player is. Meaning that high level players will see high level NPCs and low level players will see low level NPCs. We recommend setting the difficulty to something higher than you're normally playing on, as PVE is now easier than before with multiple people. If you're looking for a bigger challenge, we recommend installing other combat related mods. NPCs are enabled before being used, meaning that you can see both Ralof and Hadvar in Riverwood if two players chose the other at the start in Helgen. The targeting of NPCs against players in Skyrim Together can be a bit quirky due to the nature of the game. World events and state We synchronize events such as “OnActivation” events (when hitting 'E' to interact). This allows you to: solve puzzles, open/close doors, interact with levers and more. Although, the puzzle doors with the three circles that require a claw don’t seem to synchronize, as it has specific scripting attached to it that doesn't work with the “OnActivation” event. You will have to solve these doors yourself until we have found a fix for that. We recommend clearing a dungeon for the first time together as we do not synchronize the initial state of a cell. Cell changing and Fast Traveling You are free to roam and fast travel to any cell you like. We don't limit players based on distance or area. Players in the same area (cell) will be able to see each other and their actions, NPCs and world state will be synchronized. When fast traveling to other locations or entering new areas, you will be the only one moving to that new location. Other players who are connected will have to manually travel with you to the same location. There is an in-game command that will allow you to teleport to other players in the same area and is used, for example,by typing “/tp PlayerName” within the in-game chat. Followers Every player will be able to have their own followers. If a follower is shared, it will follow the first person that synchronized that follower. Other players will still be able to interact with the follower to make them carry their burdens. Death With the recent implementation of the new death system, players are essential until they hit 0 health, at which point the server marks them as dead; resulting in the dead player ragdolling and automatically being disconnected briefly, loaded into their previous save, and then automatically reconnected. Spells and shouts Spells and shouts are fully synchronized. You can Fus-Ro-Dah someone off a cliff or shoot icy spikes into someone. Spells that affect other players will probably work as PVP is enabled (this can be both healing and damaging ones). Spell Effects Although many effects caused by spells work fine in game, spells resulting in transformation and any behavioral effects will not affect players. This means items such as the Wabbajack will only inflict damage on players. This unfortunately means no chicken simulator 2019. Sneaking and stealth Sneaking is an option while playing with your friends. You will be detected if a player is still standing and looking towards you, so it's like the default behavior of any NPC. Experience and dragon souls Experience and dragon souls are handled locally. This means that if you keep attacking, you'll level up locally. Experience is therefore not shared. If a dragon dies, everyone will get a soul. Every player will be the dragonborn and we aren't going to change that. Slow time effects / slow motion Slowing time effects only work locally. If you are hosting the NPCs, then you and the NPCs will be slowed as well. This means that other players can still move with regular speed as if nothing has happened. Pausing In the current Nightly Builds, the game will appear paused while you are in a menu, however on exit, your game will catch up. Factions and bounties Both factions and bounties are synchronized. If your friend is a Stormcloak and you see an Imperial patrol on the way hosted by you, then the Imperials will actively chase down your Stormcloak friend. Locks and lock picking Locks are synchronized, meaning that you can break out of jail with your friends! Same goes for doors, chests and more. If an NPC or player opens a door with a key, it will be open for everyone. Trading There will be no direct trading window in the game. However, you can currently place items in chests to trade. In the future, the ability to drop objects will be reimplemented, however, during these Nightly Builds, that will not be the case. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to get “custom/enchanted” items to sync up yet, this is however planned for a future update. Pickpocketing / thieving You can become a thief and pickpocket other players. If the AI spots you, you won't be able to pickpocket the player anymore (since container sync is disabled in the current Nightly Build, unfortunately you can’t pickpocket properly right now, anyway). Console commands Console commands such as: tgm, tcl, and additem will work in-game. You can even make other NPCs play animations with these, as long as they are hosted by you. You can do funny things with them such as dancing, drinking and applauding. We’re not going to create an option to disable console commands for now. You will just have to trust your friends. There are a few things that don’t sync however, most notably setscale, so unfortunately you will not be able to tower over your enemies. Quests Quests will not be synced, until full release. If you want to quest together, with your friend, then it's strongly advised that you talk to the same NPCs and take the same choices. We let Skyrim handle the different choices that you, the player, make online. We do not know how quest events will happen if one player is further ahead than the other (or has made different choices), however instances of questing issues have been reported, due to missing or dead quest NPCs. We recommend disconnecting before scripted events (the Whiterun Jarl walking towards the wizard for example). Time and weather Both time and weather are synchronized. If you sleep, wait or even load a different save then time will not progress. Sleeping will still give you the rested bonus. We have a command to change the current time of the server. (ie. /server time <time> (time is 1-24)) Saving and loading It is possible to save while connected to a server, however, we highly recommend not to load in another save game while playing online. This can mess with the state of the world and player synchronization, therefore, we advise that you disconnect first before doing so. Saves work like normal, you can continue to use your character that you played Skyrim Together with offline and vice versa. Houses / homes Every player will be able to buy the same house and the interior will be synchronized as it is handled locally. However, if you and others have different upgrades, then you won’t see each other. We do not aim to synchronize this either before initial release, and as such, if you want the same house, you must buy/build the same upgrades. Transformations You are able to become a werewolf and vampire in our mod, which is fully synchronized. You can use the Vampiric Seduction spell on your friends (unless they are level 10 or higher (at which point they will resist the spell)). Despite this, you cannot infect other players with vampirism. Dialogue Dialogue will initially not be synchronized. We will try to synchronize this after initial release. Objects Currently objects aren’t synced, however we plan to have this functionality implemented eventually. Porting to other (Bethesda) games (e.g. Fallout 4) We have a version of Fallout Together you can compile yourself on our GitHub. But it is still very unplayable. Bugs and crashes If you manage to encounter a bug or crash in our initial release, you can submit it on our GitHub. Crash reports are created in the Skyrim folder and can be uploaded to give us more debugging info. We currently keep a list of known bugs on our public GitHub page, each part of the mod has its own GitHub issues page (ie. launcher, website, server, game): https://github.com/SkyrimTogether Our socials Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/SkyrimTogether/ Discord: https://discord.gg/SkyrimTogether/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/SkyrimTogether/ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/skyrimtogetherofficial/ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/Skyrim_Together/ Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/SkyrimTogether/
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    Well I read this on reditt, go and give it a try Do Once:... Download the mod [this will change soon as closed beta becomes open] have an login with https://oreo.skyrim-together.com/ [this url may change] still in skyrim-together.com, link your patreon [this may change after closed beta] Still in skyrim-together.com, click on FRIENDS, and add your friend. they must accept on their side. install HARBOUR. Run, and login with the details you used at skyrim-together.com To Launch the game:... 5. ensure STEAM is running. 6. Launch Harbour, and click PLAY. 7. When the game loads you will see the lovely ST dual dragonborn logo. Start a new game, or continue a saved game. 8. IN GAME press the Right-Ctrl key. This displays the ST Mod interface. 9. Click on FRIENDS. Next to their name click on INVITE. Your friend will need to accept this invite by again pressing r-ctrl, friends, and then on ACCEPT. If unlike me, you have more than one friend, you may continue doing this for your other friends. 9. The player who sent the invites will have, at the top left of the screen, a list of team members who accepted the invite, and a button marked: LAUNCH PARTY. Other players will not see this button. The "Auto Hide" tick box in this location simply hides the interface when it thinks you no longer need it, it's not a part of the game. And that's it. Now you giggle and make real those dreams from years ago: wouldn't it be great if we could play together? Thank you to all of the ST Mod team who have worked tirelessly on this. There is ANOTHER post on issues and fixes, please go there to view fixes instead of replying here, this will keep them all in one place.
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    The Patreon link is: https://www.patreon.com/tiltedphoques You do not need to be a patron to play. Check the Getting Started video here and make sure to read the FAQ.
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    Hi everyone, I'm not sure if this is common knowledge or no one goes this path due to cost reasons where Hamachi is free. As I was reading the documentation, it clicked that this could be hosted from a Windows VPS, just the same as your own personal computer if you downloaded everything and completed the setup per the instructions. Only, unlike your personal computer. (At least I do not leave my computer running 24/7.) These servers are in data centers and if configured correctly will run 24/7 for as long as the service is paid for. Step 1) Obtain a Windows VPS. (I went for a mid tier one from a local provider to me. Here is the specs:) 4GB RAM 50GB PURE-SSD 1 @ 3.2GHz CPU 2TB Bandwidth 1 IPv4 IP Address 20Gbps DDoS Protection Step 2) Depending on the provider, they should do an automated install and email you with all the connection information to access the server from RDC (Remote Desktop Connection). Step 3) Open Remote Desktop Connection on your computer. (You can use the search feature built into windows 10 if you'd like. It should have this program on all windows.) You will be prompted with a basic field of "Computer:", this is where you will put the service IP Address provided in the email from the provider. Then you should be prompted for Username and Password. Default for Username in most cases would be Administrator. Password may be automatically generated when they automatically deploy the server from their script. So make sure to note the password. (The password can be changed just like your own personal computer through the account portion of the VPS.) Step 4) Download of software/game. You will want to install Steam(Login to your account with Steam credentials.) - Skyrim on the VPS first, then complete the Harbor install like normal. Step 5) (This is an optional step: I did not do this with my installation.) You can run Skyrim - Harbor like mentioned in the manual to make sure everything is working properly. Step 6) Navigating to the directory with the folder "server". Should look something like this directory provided. (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\server) You will want to make an .exe file here. So first make a notepad file in this server folder. Next is what to put in that notepad document, here is an example of what I do for mine. start Server.exe -premium -port 10578 -token "token/password here" or start Server.exe -premium -port 10578 -name "Public Server Name" Note: You can't have a password and public name in the same file as per the manual. Step 7) Once that is done, you're going to want to save this file. Top right of Notepad -> Save As. A window should pop up, at the bottom you're going to want to change the "Save as type" option to "All Files", then in the "File name" field. I do "Server Run.bat" which once saved, will create an automatic windows batch script within the folder to launch the server. Next, I always create a shortcut to this batch script. Right click "Server Run.bat" and find the create shortcut option and click that. Now you can move the shortcut that was created to the Windows Desktop for ease of access. (This is how you can avoid having to navigate to the server folder every time you would like to start the server.) Step 8 ) Port forwarding the port needed for the server to be public. You'll want to open up a program called Server Manager -> Tools -> Windows Firewall from the VPS or you can open up the Windows Firewall directly by searching for it. You'll see an Inbound and Outbound Rules on the left side of the program. (In my case I did create a new port forwarding rule for both inbound and outbound.) You'll start by clicking Inbound Rules, on the right side you'll see and Actions tab appear. Click "New Rule...", then a configuration wizard will appear. Click port -> Next -> UDP -> Specific Local Ports: 10578 -> Next -> Allow the connection -> Next -> Next -> You can name the connection here if you'd like. If not, then tap finish. All done. (You'd do the same thing in the outbound rules section.) Step 9) You can now double click on the batch file shortcut we made earlier on the desktop, "Server Run - Shortcut". (Would recommend closing out of everything windows wise so it's not sitting there using resources besides the window that comes up when launching the server.) There you go, the server is live. Based on your connection preference you'll need the IP address for the server for sure unless you'd like to manually search for the custom name you made for a public server. You'll need the token or password you set if you did decide to make a closed server for your friends. Hopefully this helps someone that may be asking the same question, or if not, at least opens up another path to hosting a server for the future. For anyone with further questions about set up, here if the official guide link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zQKsZSSwDIe9zOuYRux0_BKXr6ojzXpYFsiYSk-ygxg/edit#
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    Version 1.0.0


    Tilted Phoques Agreement v1.0.0
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    One of the greatest mods ever created!
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    Hi! I don't have a computer capable of running Skyrim special edition. Is there no way for me to play skyrim legendary edition with a friend anymore?
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    how to invite friends in skyrim together?
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    #2 account suck on it WopsS
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