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  1. Sadly no, this can only work on PC due to the restrictions consoles have.
  2. No it doesn't exist anymore, this was a previous feature that got too controversial so we decided to shut it down a year ago.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Tilted Phoques Agreement v1.0.0
  4. This looks like an old version of harbor, the new version doesn't have any login system.
  5. It is indeed outdated, this method doesn't exist anymore.
  6. Hey guys We have been actively working on the mod for the past weeks and want to give you an update! Remember that we are not working on the version that Harbor installs so this update will not apply to those of you using Harbor at the moment. We will push Reborn on Harbor once we feel it is far superior to the current release. - Equipment and inventory are fully functional including enchantments. - Animations are synced correctly after one transition (meaning when you join the server some NPCs might be sliding but once they change to another animation they will animate correc
  7. Hey guys, As we are progressing towards reborn we decided to make a website as well to support the upcoming services. Currently the website is pretty basic, and we are looking for feedback and bug reports. Please post here if you have feedback. We also don't really know how we are going to handle having two games to support with one website, ideas are welcome ! Cheers, Max
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