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  1. i used a downgrader available on NexusMods and it seems to works for me
  2. Hello folks, i want to start a new game with few friends using Skyrim together With Skyrim SE but one of them had some issues. He did a fresh and clean install for Skyrim SE without any DLC and update then downloaded Skyrim Together our first issue was " Version Doesn't Match" we fixed it with "BestOfBothWorldsPatcher.exe" instead of the heavy downgrader available on NexusMod and it seems to works fine we managed to proceed downgrade Skyrim SE and patch Habor launcher. the 2nd issue, when he's trying to create a new save by running the game with Harbor and right after the first cutscene he can't use any binds with his keyboard anymore even with a controller it doesn't seems to work. We tried : delete everything and made another fresh/clean install = Done check if our files match except saves = Ok Firewall Harbor allowed= Ok Windows Defender blocking anything = doesn't seems to block anything related to Skyrim SE I did the same install as he did but my game works using Harbor launcher. He's playing on a Cloud Computer and his Skyrim Classic and Skyrim SE without Harbor works fine i don't know if that can be revelante. We think that maybe the light downgrader may be the troublemaker. Thanks for you time ❤️
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