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  1. Use the latest Steam version of Skyrim Special Edition or remove all of your mods and do a clean installation.
  2. You need to use Skyrim Special Edition. Legendary Edition (Oldrim) is unstable and unplayable due to crashing. If you are using SSE then make sure you have the latest Steam version, the correct and up to date SKSE installed in your game folder and SkyUI for SSE. Running Harbor or Vortex as administrator may also help.
  3. You cannot turn off the enemy duplication in this version. It would be better to wait for the Reborn version to be ready but that will take a while. For now you should try to keep your level and progress the same, play on the same difficulty, create similar save points so that you can return to a save if some issue occurs when dying for example. The Skyrim Souls RE Updated mod helps reduce desyncs as well. Don't forget you can also use console commands to help with changing your level or fixing broken quests and anything else.
  4. https://skyrim-together.com/forums/topic/60-server-creation-libcrypto/
  5. Are you using Shadow PC? Their RCTRL (Right Ctrl) key is the same as the LCTRL key which is why it doesn't work. Or perhaps your keyboard is not programmed correctly. Either way, try downloading the hotkey changer as a workaround: Skyrim Together Hotkey Changer Skyrim_Together_Hotkey_Changer.7z
  6. Download it from here and place it in the server folder next to the server.exe. There are other threads here with the solution and it is also posted on the Skyrim Together Discord but I will leave this up for visibility.
  7. To start a Skyrim Together server, run server.exe which is found in the server folder of the game's directory and make sure it's allowed in your firewall. If other players will be connecting to you over the Internet then you need to port forward 10578 UDP. To have your server appear in the public server list, you will need to make sure it's port forwarded and give it a name argument. The server can also be copied to and ran on any machine you wish to host the server on and does not need the game installed or running to work. Watch the Getting Started video and check the Guide for additional information.
  8. You need Skyrim Special Edition to play. Support for Oldrim (Skyrim 2011 / Legendary Edition) has been dropped because it was unstable, outdated and tedious to work with because of the 32 bit limitations. It also consumes much more time to work on, debug crashes and reverse engineer 2 versions of the game so Skyrim SE is the only supported version. Even if you get Oldrim to install in the latest version from Harbor, the game crashes before you can get to other players so it is not worth trying. If you are getting the same issue with Skyrim Special Edition, check that Harbor is allowed in your firewall and antivirus and wait some time for the download to start. If you still have issues, try installing the latest version of the mod manually from Google Drive. Skyrim Special Edition on Steam Check for deals on Skyrim Special Edition
  9. The Patreon link is: https://www.patreon.com/tiltedphoques You do not need to be a patron to play. Check the Getting Started video here and make sure to read the FAQ.
  10. This will work in Reborn when Reborn is ready in the future but isn't working in the nightly build from Harbor.
  11. It is pointless to use Oldrim and it's known that getting close to other players will crash the game. Oldrim support has been discontinued and you will need Skyrim Special Edition.
  12. Nice guide. I just want to point out that you do not actually need to install the game on your VPS or even Harbor. You can simply copy over the Server.exe file and run it. There is also the Docker container which can be used to host the server. There has been no update to the version from Harbor in a year now so you can also find the Server executable in this Google Drive link for players that need a manual installation or just the server.
  13. Make sure you have properly extracted the UI files from step 1 to your game directory or separate folder. Here is what everything looks like if properly setup in a new folder: There are also a few things that can prevent the UI from working such as ENBs, ReShade, screen capture software, or overlays from other software.
  14. Reborn is not available through Harbor. The Reborn version is for testing and currently isn't in a as playable state as Harbor. Download the required files for the UI here and unpack and copy to your Skyrim Special Edition / Fallout 4 directory. Login to GitHub and grab the build you want from here. These versions are built automatically using Continuous Integration. When testing, make sure you are on the same build with your friends. This is an example of a recent build. Download either Skyrim or Fallout artifacts and unpack, copy, and overwrite the files to your game directory. You need to create a tp_loader.conf file. Create a new document, save as tp_loader.conf (make sure to save it as a .conf file and not .txt; Enable 'File name extensions' in the View tab of your File Explorer to make sure) and then edit the paths to where your game and dll are as you see in the image: You can optionally have all of the files in a separate folder in order to keep your game directory clean as long as you have the path for the Dll set correctly. Start the game using Loader.exe (make sure to allow any Firewall prompts that appear), load into your character and press RCTRL to access the UI.
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