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  1. Hello I am playing with my friend Skyrim about every 2 years and it all looks this year we will play together again, only this time we would want to try out this mod for good. We tried last time but we got really confused, but after all we started a hamachi server and played together, but bugs were scary - we were still having a lot of fun, becouse we don't really mind bugs, what made us leave it was increased "mob" spawns, we just couldnt control it, is there a way, for just one player to control world and spawns, and the other to just "join" and not make his own spawns ? I have seen some page in 2019 (sorrry noooo chance to find link now) and there some guys discussed changing some options in together files or something, and so my question is: Can we play together but reduce spawns to only one player, and cancel spawns from the other one to reduce things that were making game unbearable for us (invisible enemies, multispawns made by disconnection/connection). Is there a simple way, like the one that i remembert with just changing some things in files from "yes" to "no" like in some easy minecraft plugin (its really weird i know, but i remember this topic and both guys were somewhat agreeing they made it) Thanks for help, i really look forward to play the game with my friend Btw i will increase spawns from my side to give us the good hard fights - i just want to do it from one "player" to avoid weird spawns and invis mobs and overall what made us leave it.
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