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  1. No, we have discontinued the support for Skyrim Legendary Edition over a year ago since its pointless to maintain support for such an old version of Skyrim. Just get it when its on sale: https://isthereanydeal.com/game/elderscrollsvskyrimspecialedition/info/
  2. Alternate Start works 100% perfectly fine, been using it for countless hundred hours. Best to clean your whole Skyrim and start fresh.
  3. Get a program that maps a different key to RCTRL.
  4. Sometimes it takes a while since the download is done via peer to peer. It could also be that your ISP blocks torrents.
  5. Make an exemption for Skyrim and Harbor in your anti-virus
  6. DONT DO THIS. We provide the libcrypto we use for a reason. Downloading a random dll from the internet grants you free viruses.
  7. There is no way to invite a friend. the Friendslist has been removed over 1 1/2 years ago. Just connect to the same server.
  8. If you mean Steam family share, yes it will work.
  9. Did you use the libcrypto from our discord?
  10. Your anti-virus removes the files, make an exception for it.
  11. There is no Skyrim from the other Store. Skyrim only exists on Steam and only the Steam version works and is supported.
  12. You don't. That function doesn't exist anymore and has been remove nearly 2 years ago.
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