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  1. Aye, agreed! What I was hoping to clarify is that regardless of where you bought Skyrim SE from, if its legal, you can validate it. And yes, steam is the only way to go these days. Even if you dont buy the game from there, just validate , and you get the latest version (which in 99.99 cases is the steam one,). Sorry if I sounded very /rushed/ , just Im very wary of online purchases , and back in the days I used to play games (1998-2010) hard copies were the standard ,and even tho they got rarer ,they still exist. P.S. thanks for working on the great possibility of having us enjoy this proj
  2. Actuallly ,there IS THE OPTION OF RETAIL HARDCOPY... So to get Skyrim together to work, you must activate your STORE BOUGHT product on steam (we are talking about legal copies here) The product comes with a key , which can be used to activate the product on steam as well. I dont myself have a single steam purchase, given that I DO NOT use online via-card shopping. SkyrimSE on steam was 50+ euros at the time I got it... with 60% off. After that, I activated it on Steam and after install of the game proceedet with harbor as instructed. Me and my gf were pesting skyrim from that night onward
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